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Do you “Need” to pay for an Office package?

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

You can buy Microsoft Office as a one-time purchase starting at $239.00 even $919.00 and more. You could be paying a monthly or yearly subscription for Microsoft Office; do you really need to spend $119.00 or $165.00 per year?

Put in its simplest form.

If you’re in an organisation presently using and sharing Microsoft office documents or require the Outlook email client, you probably need to have a paid version of Microsoft’s office package.

If all you are doing is typing documents, creating a personal spread sheet or designing a presentation for yourself or small group, Libre Office is probably the package for you.

For most people, especially home users, Libre Office is more than capable of meeting your needs. It opens and saves documents from and to the Microsoft format. It even saves as a PDF with one click.

How much does Libre Office cost?

Nothing, Nada, Nil, Nought, Zero, Zilch, Zip

Libre Office is FREE……………………

Buy Microsoft Office From Us

Microsoft 365 Personal - 1 User - 1 Year = $110.00

Office 365 Personal 2019 - 1 User - 1 Year = $110.00

Microsoft 365 Family 6 Users/1 Household - 1 Year = $155.00

Microsoft Office 365 Home 2019 6 Users/1 Household - 1 Year = $155.00

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 1 PC/Mac No Media = $225.00

Microsoft 365 Business Standard - 1 User - 1 Year = $245.00

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 1 PC/Mac No Media = $415.00

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