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NZ Post FAKE Payment for Delivery Email

More Fake! Fraud! Phishing! emails. Clicking the links in these emails will either take you to a phishing web site to get your personal details, get your banking or credit card information or infect your computer with a virus or malware.

DO NOT! Click the links in this type of email.

DO! Warn your family and friends again about this type of activity.

  • NZ Post do not normally have your email address

  • NZ Post are always PrePaid

  • Bad english "We have kept your package on hold"

  • Use of urgency to rush and trick you into responding quickly

  • The email address is NOT an NZ Post address

  • The buttons & links do NOT take you to an NZ Post web address

Just because you know not to click this type of email doesn't mean other people might not fall for this. We urge you to discuss this type of criminal activity regularly, to keep people constantly aware and on guard.

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