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Windows 10 File History Backup

File History takes a regular backup (hourly by default) of your desktop, documents, music, photos and videos and other files contained in your user folder.

To Set up File History

You are going to need an external USB hard drive for this. Depending on the amount of data you have on your computer this is likely to be a one or two terabyte drive

1 . Connect your external hard drive

2 . Rename your drive (see below for details)

3 . In the search box type backup

4 . Click Backup settings

5 . Under Backup using File History, select Add drive

6 . On the pop up menu click your external hard drive

7 . File history is now turned on

8 . Select More options to adjust the File history settings,

You can adjust the frequency of your back up

The time to keep your files

Add and remove required folders


You might find it helpful to rename your external hard drive to something like Backup, Backup2020, My backup.

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