Everyone should know about these by now, but it never hurts to remind your friends and family to make sure no one gets caught!!!!

This email bill looks good until you hover over the links. "Check it before you click it"

Hovering your mouse over Pay Online - Pay Now and View Full Bill, shows the FAKE web address.

NEVER!!! Click the links!!

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Ever wanted to save a web page to an easily emailed document or even just save that web page as a pdf file for future use? You can now save ***anything*** as a pdf that you would typically print with the in built Windows 10 "Print to PDF". This includes documents, web pages and pictures.


Open the document or web page you want to save to a PDF.

Click the print icon or Click File > Print or Ctrl > P or the menu button then print.

When the “Print” window opens, go to the “Select Printer” section.

Select “Microsoft Print to PDF”

Click “Print” at the bottom of the window.

When the “Save Print Output As” window appears, type a filename.

Now select the location where you would like to save the file (such as Documents or Desktop).

When you’re done, click “Save.”