When you signed up for your Google account did you pick a fun name? Big Davo!

Did you share your email with a significant other Davo & Sally?

Did you simply misspell your name and never got round to correcting it?

Whatever the reason, don't worry, you can do it in a few simple steps.

Note! Changing your Google Account / Gmail name does not effect your username or email address.

1 . Go to Gmail and login to your account

2 . Click your account, round button (top right)

3 . Click Manage Your Google account

4 . Click Personal Info (Left side)

5 . Click the name zone or arrow

6 . Click in the first name box

7 . Delete the old name

8 . Type your new choice

9 . You do not need to enter a last name

10. Click Save

Do some or all of the web pages you see have text and images that are too small or too big? You can adjust the size you see web pages by using the Zoom function. There are a few ways this can be done.

Open your web browser and use one of these methods

1 . Press and hold Ctrl on your keyboard then Scroll the mouse wheel back and forward

2 . Press and hold Ctrl on your keyboard then press + or -

3 . Adjust the zoom from the Settings and More menu

4 . Go to the browser Settings appearance and zoom section

Edge Firefox Chrome

For additional zoom settings go to,

Microsoft Edge zoom settings go to Settings > Appearance > Zoom

Mozilla Firefox zoom settings go to Settings > General > Zoom

Google Chrome zoom settings go to Settings > Appearance > Zoom

More FAKE NZ Post parcel delivery phishing scam email. Clicking the links in these emails will either take you to a phishing web site to get your personal details, get your banking or credit card information or infect your computer with a virus or malware.

DO NOT! Click the links in this type of email.

DO! Warn your family and friends again about this type of activity.

  • NZ Post do not normally have your email address

  • Bad formatting 1.99 $

  • NZ Post will NOT email from info@xtra.co.nz

  • The button does NOT take you to an NZ Post web address

Just because you know not to click this type of email doesn't mean other people might not fall for this. We urge you to discuss this type of criminal activity regularly, to keep people constantly aware and on guard.