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Urgent Notification : Your vehicle's licence (rego) expires soon

Watch out for this FAKE NZTA email some of the links in the email do take you to the actual NZTA web site

The Renew Now button however does NOT!!

Hovering over the button you can see it would take you https://archetypalmedianew...

DO NOT Click the link

The from email address is invalid inf@transport

Typical Urgent request pressuring a quick response

Don't fall for this IRD scam email.

Another Scam email trying to steal your hard earned money. If you can please warn anyone you think may fall for this scam.

This email has the classic scam signs

From address not a address

Addressed to Undisclosed recipients

Dear, **(Blank)**

The link - Login to myIR does NOT take you to IRD myIR

Always check emails validity - Never click links in emails without checking - banks will NEVER give you a link to a login - Don't let your family or friends be ripped off. make sure anyone you know is aware of these types of scams.

Don't get caught by this scam email.

This email doesn't look bad at first glance. It is however a SCAM email.


The from address is NOT an Air Points or Air new Zealand address

It is missing an Air Points or Air New Zealand logo

Your name does NOT appear in the email. If you are an air point Member they WILL know your name

Bad diction

- and we think you will be "too", once you booked before on our airlines

- Updates your personal "informations"

The hyperlinks in the email do NOT take you to an Air Points or Air New Zealand web site

Do NOT fall for this SCAM!!!!!!

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