The Windows 10 taskbar usually sits at the bottom of your screen giving the you access to the Start Menu, as well as the icons of frequently used applications.

For one click easy access to your most used applications you can pin them to your taskbar with just a few clicks

  1. Click the Start button (Bottom Left)

  2. Find the application you wish to pin to the Taskbar

  3. Right click the icon eg: Google Chrome

  4. Move your cursor to More

  5. Left click on Pin to Taskbar

With your application pinned to the taskbar, just single click to open the app

To remove applications from the taskbar you can right click the application and left click unpin from taskbar

Chorus's & Voyager NZ's explanation of broadband connection types

Before you choose a plan or connection type with your broadband provider it’s a good idea to get a basic understanding of the difference between the technologies and connection types available.

A few things to keep in mind as you read the information

  • Cost of the Internet connection

  • How many people use your connection

  • The speed your require - If you only email, search the internet and do a little bit of You Tube you probably do not need a super fast connection

  • If you download large files, stream sports, download movies or play online games you will require a faster connection

  • Consider how much data you use - email and web searching uses very little. Streaming, movie downloads and online gaming use much more

  • Each of the connection types have speed and or data restrictions or options.

  • All Fibre connections are not the same. There are speed options and data limit options.

Now for the Chorus & Voyager NZ links!!!!!!

Click here >> Voyager NZ's Information on Broadband connections <<Click here

Click here >> Chorus's explanation of Broadband connection types <<Click here

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