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Change / Update Your Google Account / Gmail Name

When you signed up for your Google account did you pick a fun name? Big Davo!

Did you share your email with a significant other Davo & Sally?

Did you simply misspell your name and never got round to correcting it?

Whatever the reason, don't worry, you can do it in a few simple steps.

Note! Changing your Google Account / Gmail name does not effect your username or email address.

1 . Go to Gmail and login to your account

2 . Click your account, round button (top right)

3 . Click Manage Your Google account

4 . Click Personal Info (Left side)

5 . Click the name zone or arrow

6 . Click in the first name box

7 . Delete the old name

8 . Type your new choice

9 . You do not need to enter a last name

10. Click Save

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