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FAKE NZTA Registration Renewal

Keep an eye out for this Fraudulent NZTA registration renewal email.

This Waka Kotahi email looks good, it does not have the tell tale signs of poor translation or bad spelling.

It does however, as shown by the arrows "Not" take you to the official NZTA web site

The sent from email address is also invalid

On clicking the link in the above email you are redirected to a "FAKE" NZTA web page

This page is a "copy" of the actual NZTA web page and is intended to trick you into entering in your personal details and financial information

NOTE the address in the address bar

Always check the destination of any link before you click, search for the actual web site or type the actual address in to your browser.

The actual NZTA Registration renewal page is

If you receive a similar email to above you can report it to NZTA

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