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Credit Card Phone Scam

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Credit Card Phone Scam

A caller claiming to work for the Westpac - ANZ - BNZ - ASB - Kiwi Bank or any other bank Credit Card Fraud Team, claims they have detected an attempted overseas transaction ($600 - $1,200) on your credit card.

  • They claim they need you to confirm your personal details

  • They claim they need you to confirm your credit card details

  • They request your assistance to track this fraud

  • They ask you to install remote access software on to your computer

  • They ask you to login to your Internet Banking


If you get one of these calls: Just hang up and do not respond.

If you have given away personal or credit card details, or installed software on your computer; you need to act fast.

DO NOT phone any phone number they supply! Even if it is a New Zealand phone number!

Call your bank on their advertised 0800 number or the number on the back of your credit card ONLY If you gave them your details, you need to:

  • Call your bank Immediately

  • Cancel or put your credit card on hold

  • Change your online banking password

  • Turn off your computer immediately

  • If you installed something on your computer or other device (phone, tablet, etc.), you need to call us for advice as soon as possible ---------------------------------------------------------------

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