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How To Change Home Page and Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Almost everytime Microsoft update Windows or Edge they change your search and home page settings. Not only is this annoying but they make it worse by changing where these settings are with almost every version of Edge. The following instructions are for the latest version as at Aug 2020

To Change Your Home Page

  • Open Microsoft Edge

  • Click the three menu dots (top right)

  • Click Settings

  • Click On Startup

  • Click the dot into Open a specific page or pages

  • Click Add a new page

  • Type in your desired home page (eg:

  • Press Add

  • Close and re-open Edge

You can have more than one tab open everytime you open microsoft Edge. Add more pages using the instructions above

Note! The more tabs you set to open the slower Edge will open and the slower the pages will be to load

To Change Your Search Engine

  • Open Edge

  • Click the three menu dots at the top right

  • Click Privacy and services

  • Scroll down to the bottom in the right panel

  • Click Address Bar

  • Click the drop down and select your search engine choice

To remove or add search engines click Manage search engines

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