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Rename a USB Stick or other Hard Drive

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

To make identifying your USB stick or hard drives easier you can rename them.

Eg: Backup - Pics 2020 - Xmas2020 - My Stuff - Purple USB and so on

1 / Open This PC

2 / Select the drive you want to rename (Single Left Click)

3 / Click Computer

4 / Click Rename

This will highlight the drive rename box and allow you to change its name

5 / Name the drive as required

eg: Purple, My stuff, Xmas 2020

6 / Once you have renamed the drive click on a blank part of the screen,

your drive is now named as you need

Right Click Method

Instead of selecting the drive with a single click (Step 2 above)

"Right" click the drive and then left click rename

Then perform steps 5 and 6 as above

There are other ways to rename a drive using either command prompt, drive manager or the drive properties screen, the two options above should be easyest

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