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Rename Multiple Items (Pictures / Folders / Documents)

Windows 10 allows you to rename multiple files or folders with just a few clicks

Does your Pictures folder look like this?

Pictures with names that don't mean a lot to you

Instead of having Pictures or Folders or Documents called 1583022295042.acde265e-..... you can rename them to Xmas2020 (1) - My 21st (2)- Our Dog Rex (21) - and so on...........


In Windows 10 you can rename multiple files all in one go

1 / Go to the folder with the files in you want to rename

(example: go to a folder in your Picutres folder)

2 / Click Select all

3 / Click Rename

4 / You will notice one of the files ready for you to start typing a new name

5 / Type the name you wish to rename "All" of the files (Example: 1583022295042.acde2657-2357-..... to Bearing head - Pencarrow)

6 / Press Enter on your keyboard

7 / You may see a renaming progress screen

8 / Once the renaming is complete you will notice your files are now renamed

9 / Your files will be named (1) - (2) - (3) and so on

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