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Show Favorites Bar in Microsoft Edge

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

You use Favorites to create a link to a website. This makes it easy to revisit and gives you quick access to your most viewed websites with only a few clicks. Most of your saved sites go into your favorites folder.

For even quicker access to your most used sites try using the Favorites bar, Putting your most used webs site right at the top of your browser window.

Show Favorites Microsoft Edge

  1. Click the menu dots (top right)

  2. Move to favorites

  3. Move to Show favorites bar

  4. Click Always

To add a Favorite to the Favorites bar

  1. Go to your desired site eg:

  2. Click on the add favorites star at the end of the address box

  3. Click the down arrow to select Favorites bar

  4. Click Done

Your Favorites bar now has your most common web sites available with only one click

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