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Windows 10 Snip & Sketch

If you love posting images to Facebook or you produce documents or news letters you might wish you found Snip & Sketch a long time ago!

Snip & Sketch, is a Microsoft Windows screenshot utility included in Windows. It can take still screenshots of an open window, rectangular areas, a free-form area, or the entire screen. Snips can then be annotated using a mouse or a tablet, stored as an image file (PNG, GIF, or JPEG formats), copied to the clipboard, emailed, or shared with another supported app such and Word.. Snip & Sketch allows for basic image editing of the snapshot, with different colored pens, pencils, an eraser, and a highlighter.

With Snip & Sketch you can capture an image then save it or paste it into a document, email or where ever you need. It can make producing that newsletter much more simple and easy.

Here are two You Tube instruction / information videos

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