Try scanning your computer with Malwarebytes to remove infections.

Malwarebytes is primarily a scanner that scans for and removes malicious software, including rogue security software, adware, and spyware.

Our suggestion is you download Malwarebytes, install, run, remove any infections and once finished empty it's quarantine.

You can:

  1. Buy Malwarebytes and use the premium version

  2. Leave it installed for manual use running as the Free version

  3. Uninstall it once you have finished and reinstall again in the future as required

If you would like to leave it installed and use it manually, deactivate the premium trial and turn off start with Windows.

In Malwarebytes:

  • Click the gear icon (top right)

  • Click Account

  • Click Deactivate

  • Confirm Deactivate

  • Go to Security

  • Turn off start with Windows

Need Help? See Malwarebytes How-Tos

This link is their youtube channel

Defragmenting your hard drive helps maintain and speed up your computer.

Whilst Windows 10 is usually set to run this automatically, running a defragment after a disc clean up is a great idea.

Solid State Hard Drives

Conventional wisdom is that SSDs don't need to be defragmented, in fact at this time it is recommended not to do so.

To Run a disk Defragment:

Click Search (1)

Type Defragment (2)

Click Open (3)

Your Systen disk is C Drive:

Highligh C: by clicking on it (4)

Click Optimise (5)

The most important drive to optimise is your C: drive however defragmenting your other drives doesn't hurt either

Do not click links in emails

Banks will NOT place a link in an email for you to click to take an action.

  1. Your bank will know your name, they will NOT call you "User"

  2. Your bank will not release personal information. "Closed for Personal Reasons"

  3. Bad English "Before 12 Hours"

  4. Request to close your account "Forever"

  5. Hovering your mouse over the link "Click here" does NOT take you to*

Again Hovering your mouse over the link "Click here" does NOT take you to*

Do not click any links in this type of email